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Y’bneth Skin Wallpaper Collection is free HD wallpaper. This wallpaper was upload at December 06, 2018 upload by Projector in Hero Tank.

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History – Arena of Valor (AOV) was previously also known as Strike of Kings (Europe), King’s Glory (China), Honor of Kings (China), Penta Storm (South Korea), Legendary Showdown (Taiwan), Liên Quân (Vietnam), Garena Mobile Arena (Indonesia), the Realm of Valor (Thailand) which carries a different name in each of its marketing regions and then adjusts the global market to become Arena of Valor, is an online multiplayer (MOBA) type mobile battle game published by Tencent Games.

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Story Hero : Y’bneth “Time is fair, but cruel …”

Tree Man from the Elborne Forest is a strong guardian of nature. Like most trees, Tree People are born as weak young trees, but slowly grow up to face tens to hundreds of years of cruel natural conditions. The life span that they have gives a gift in the form of strong twigs, thick leaves, and a calm and peaceful personality. However, this does not apply to Y’bneth. He is a highly interested individual, always wanting to learn new knowledge.

Whether it’s a fairy that passes so fast, birds that roam the sky, animals that search for food, and fish that swim — Y’bneth desires to know them all. He had explored the vast Elborne Forest, and he had no intention of stopping there. The more knowledge he got from his new friends, the more he realized that there were many things he did not know. Finally, the day came when he had to decide that it was time for him to explore the outside world.

All Tree Humans consider themselves crazy, and even the fairies consider their decisions to be a bit reckless. Birds carry news from far away: humans expand their territory, and often fight with Beasts on the border to fulfill their greed. The creature hiding in the darkness is preparing to carry out the plan. In conclusion, the outside world is not a peaceful world. Y’bneth began to question the choices he made. Should he follow his heart, or should he listen to his friends’ suggestions? Finally, he concluded that only Tree of Dawn could give him an answer.

Tree of Dawn is the masterpiece of the Creator, and the perfect place for the gods that can be used when returning to Athanor. This is a form of miracle that locks the Rift, the beginning of all life. For Y’bneth, visiting the Tree of Dawn was like returning to his mother’s lap. Tree of Dawn has been sleeping for more than ten thousand years because it has to drain all of its energy in order to lock up the Rift, and all who want to communicate with it must do it through the dream of the tree. Tree humans have their own advantages in this regard – all they need to do is plant their roots deep into the earth, and thus they are able to easily establish connections with Tree of Dawn through underground networks.

After Y’bneth explained the reason behind his visit, he was invited to enter into the dream of the Tree of Dawn, where he felt the cool spring, the sunny summer, the cold autumn and the cold winter. He witnessed the passing of the four seasons, again and again, in an endless cycle. Even so, not a word came out of the Tree of Dawn. That’s the answer he’s looking for: follow the natural path, and everything will be fine. Therefore, Y’bneth began to move. This time, not one of his friends was able to stop him, and they even held a magnificent farewell ceremony for him. He also received a farewell gift from the Tree of Dawn as well — a branch from the legendary tree itself.

Following the direction of the river, Y’bneth walked eastward until it arrived at Moonlit Plains, the place where the servants of darkness emerged from beneath the ground and began to create chaos on the beautiful land. Moonlit Plains, a place that was once a fertile land for flora and fauna, towards extinction at such a high speed. It was then in Y’bneth’s mind that the true purpose of his journey. He pulled the stem from the Tree of Dawn, and used it to create a new forest in Moonlit Plains, called Verno – derived from the ancient language of Elf, which means “protection”.

The lush Verno Forest has restored the balance of nature and has become a shield that protects all its inhabitants from the rain of arrows and dangerous magic. With the birth of the Afata Guild, the Verno Forest quickly turned to the forefront of the invasion of the dark forces. Y’bneth’s journey ended here — he ended his search and lived in Verno Woods, who is now his second home.

The strategic location of Verno Forest makes it a place often crossed by travelers, an ideal situation for Y’bneth, who likes to listen to their stories. In this place, he embodies his dream to learn more about the world, while fulfilling his destiny to protect world peace — the destiny entrusted to him by Tree of Dawn.

“I will protect my house and all who live in it!”

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