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History – Arena of Valor (AOV) was previously also known as Strike of Kings (Europe), King’s Glory (China), Honor of Kings (China), Penta Storm (South Korea), Legendary Showdown (Taiwan), Liên Quân (Vietnam), Garena Mobile Arena (Indonesia), the Realm of Valor (Thailand) which carries a different name in each of its marketing regions and then adjusts the global market to become Arena of Valor, is an online multiplayer (MOBA) type mobile battle game published by Tencent Games.

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Story Hero : Richter “Uncle, have you seen the devil? Type of demon, conscious and say it.”

“Well … of course I’ve seen it.”

“Oa! Always? So what do they look like? ”

” Hmm … I do not see it, I’m hit by a blow so it’s unconscious.

“Thao do people call him Richter cut the wind, recognized the winds of his dismay!”

“Guil wind? That’s not cutting the wind …… “Richter muttered, picking up the leather bag of barley wine to make a sip, the sour taste of wine as if to heal his lost heart a little loss. .

Richter was telling the truth.

Bringing in the blood of the Black Magic Sorcerers, Richter and his allies possess extraordinary power and immortality, battling with countless devils for 800 years.

That was the most glorious time of the Devil Hunter. In many devilish areas, their reputation among the people overwhelms the local lords. But with the Purge Wars and the fall of the Black Magician, their status gradually decreases. Despite the fierce battle with the army to the front lines of the fiercest South, they have reddened their hunter-of-war coat color, proving they were the enemy of the Dark Force, their tarnished honor still not possible. rehibilitate.

Since then, no one has praised the value and greatness of the Devil Hunter, nor has anyone paid any attention to their sacrifices and sacrifices. The demonic army of the past is gradually lost to the world forgotten in the wreckage of the war of the South.

Richter was one of the few survivors until the end of the war. After being reviewed and evaluated by the Magic Council, he can return to human society. Hundreds of years in the military and the names of hundreds of comrades sacrificed really is the driving force behind Richter’s existence: as long as he is still alive, the world can not forget all of them. did.

“Memories, it’s more drunk than wine!” Richter, who came back from the place of the gods, shook his pockets of wine no matter how much he cherished. There is still a short distance to the next tasting point and he has to calculate the daily usage, otherwise the next night will be gloomy. He sincerely wishes that the dirty things that hid in the night would soon be out, so that he could complete this “hunt” trip as soon as possible.

Richter’s current position is a free renter. Seven days ago, Richter disguised himself as a stolen escort and joined in the escort team for Traders. It’s a cargo convoy caught by the Dark Creatures – Cars that need the pulling force of eight animals can move, on which the Magician is transported by the Traders. Buy from the land of Gebi to the West, is also the most coveted dish of the Dark Creature. The mercenary group originally did not welcome this stray guy. But after Richter left a Silver Bag, they were ready to accept this new companion. In the eyes of mercenaries, money and money are the best friends. So, when Richter volunteered to watch night shift,

“But the object that we worry about is not humanity!” Richter crying bad laugh, reaching out to hand a bag of silver. He whispered to the leader of his “pure intention”: “Anyway, midnight to sleep a no one knows, then the next day can still sleep on the roof of the car, down How hard is the trip? ”

So Richter won the job” precious “, but the team also equipped him a” supporter “- the boy Luen just spit In the mind of the leader, Richter is still a new ghost, unclear intentions and origin, so one needs to watch over him. “Richter did not care, because the whole focus His direction into the night gradually falls.

“Look, your patience is probably over?” Richter looked at the fire and murmured to himself. Apparently in response to Richter’s words, a moaning sound coming from the wind, and the air near the camp suddenly cooled off. Richter knows that his long-awaited prey is about to enter the trap.

This sudden change awakens the escorts. Although their perceptions of dark powers were much lower than those of Richter, many years of escort work had forged their instincts as the danger approached. When they were fully armed, they could hardly believe their eyes: Richter, a professional sniper, was holding a sword against a group of dark creatures. This guy still retains the calm attitude confident that they think he is still dreaming.

“Although hundreds of years have passed, despite being forgotten by the world, but a Devil Hunter, I have never forgotten the glory and mission behind this name.”

Richter looked at the monsters in front of him. he muttered to himself. “I believe you will never forget the death and the fear that this name brings. If you forget, I will not hesitate to remind you again.”

Then, Richter draws his sword. The sword is like the light goddess’s fingers, piercing the darkness of the night.

“Where there is darkness, that place is my battlefield!”

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