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History – Arena of Valor (AOV) was previously also known as Strike of Kings (Europe), King’s Glory (China), Honor of Kings (China), Penta Storm (South Korea), Legendary Showdown (Taiwan), Liên Quân (Vietnam), Garena Mobile Arena (Indonesia), the Realm of Valor (Thailand) which carries a different name in each of its marketing regions and then adjusts the global market to become Arena of Valor, is an online multiplayer (MOBA) type mobile battle game published by Tencent Games.

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Story Hero : Annette’s day started when it was twilight.

Magic wand? Have. Crystal sphere? Ready. Increase the pharmacy? It’s been a long time since I’ve taught you a lesson, so be prepared for it. Finished down, Annette blew away from her cozy little attic into the starry sky, where she quietly scrambled around the small seaside town immersed in her sleep.

The sea-dweller lies between the three oceans. During recent decades, typhoons and tsunamis have become an annual event due to climate change that originated from streams and deep gorges. It was the same time that the villagers tried to appease the Magic Council to send a magician to the hospital. Bitterly replacing the fate of a fishing village with a modest population is not on the council’s list of priorities, especially when the mages themselves are less and less, and have to deal with attacks. one day escalated at the front line of the south. So this town, obviously, became the practice of the witches.

“This fishing village needs me!”

Instead of practicing in urban settings, Annette alone had a broom straight to the Ocean City. The telescope, under the geographic wall, is not magic wind, as clear as day that no one is here to solve this climate problem. With their knowledge, any changes to the constellations, even the smallest ones, were quickly discovered and promptly informed the inhabitants of the fishing village to be prepared for all upcoming disasters. .

One of the things the villagers needed was a magical wizard, who was able to crush the disaster, which, of course, was long enough for Annette – not to mention she was not allowed to recite. He uses magic spells, which are mainly due to binding laws that prohibit sorcerers from using magic outside the school grounds. So to the fishermen, Annette was a fussy little whore who was more than a respectable magician, despite nearly perfect weather, only two of dozens of accurate times. in the past 50 days of her.

It was a bright Sunday – one of the mistakes. All of the fishermen withdrew from the boat safely, and the houses locked in and locked throughout the day, according to Annette’s warning. Then the next morning the sun was still shining …

The rest is when Annette falls asleep midnight. Previously, the sky still showed signs of sunny days coming, and then when she snapped a little too tired, the stars changed. The evening after the boats filled with fresh fish are on their way to the beach, they can not turn back when the storm comes unexpectedly. Fortunately the storm was not very big, and Annette also appeared to save the situation, so the soul is hollow, but no casualties at all.

These mistakes, however, still lead to complaints about Annette. To all students of the prestigious institute of the Council, maintaining the trust and honor of the organization is the responsibility and duty of all. So the professors decided to suspend Annette’s work and asked her to return to school.

And tonight was Annette’s last.

If asked, it is obvious that Annette does not like being forced to return. Although the attic was set up in temporary gold because the fisherman could not match the dormitory at school, but she felt at home. Furthermore, before coming here, she promised herself that she would use magic to assist those who needed help, and that the promise was not fulfilled.

Concerned as a trainee, Annette did quite well. With complex content such as Astronomy, the error of 4% is already very much. But Annette’s self understands the difference between the 4% theory and the enormous reality. With the villagers fishing, it is wrong to lose their lives but not play.

Raising his head to look at the starry sky filled with stars, Annette suddenly remembered a fateful encounter many years ago.

That night Annette stayed at the library. The only survivor outside her was a woman with affectionate eyes. Annette knew that she needed to work harder, because even though she was very good at Magic Theory, she was bad at practicing. So bad that at the end of the semester she was the only one in the class who could not recite any magic for her soul. And the result is that if it is still going on, it will not be canceled.

Annette tried to flip through the book to answer some questions, but every effort seemed hopeless. Then, when she met the woman’s encouraging gaze, she decided to ask for some advice.

“I used to have a friend who learned the terrible Magic Theory – and he was one of the greatest wizards I’ve ever known,” said the woman.

Annette gasped, unable to believe what he heard.

She smiled. “As amazing as you are, so I decided to watch him practice. Do you know what I see? He danced with the flames, just like the mourners, and danced like fire to the world for him.

“True magic is not just wrapped in words. Head in the book all day does not help us go anywhere. Please try to be more friendly with magic, and know that someday you will be accepted.

Years later, Annette learns of the mysterious woman’s identity at a ceremony. Sephera is one of the founders of the Magic Wand, and is also a legend. When Annette receives the trophy from Sephera, the wise message echoes in her ear: “Be friends with magic, and help those who need help together.”

That is what brought Annette to the Town of Souls.

Suddenly the stars change. Annette looks up at death, why the darkest light flashed a little purple and then cut off. In the blink of an eye, Annette’s sharp eyes caught the moment. A pregnant storm – something born out of the Deep Abyss is slowly expanding all over the ocean.

Brutal. Death

‘O my friend, I need help! “First of terrible threats is coming from horizon, Annette decided to ignore the rules of the Academy. She jumped on her broom and hurled herself to the storm like a brave knight.

The next morning when the fishermen woke up, they found their rafts were left with only debris, and Annette fainted in exhaustion on the ground. Although no one witnessed what Annette had done, they were still imagining the horror of what she had to confront alone on this desolate scene. “What a great magician!” They exclaimed. Almost for the sake of selfishness they have rid of the most dedicated ally – fortunately she still wholeheartedly for them until the last minute.

Everything, still can be saved.

The new trainee was replaced by Annette, who, in astonishment, was asked by the fishing village to leave. He did not know what the hell was going on, only the Mayor sent him to bring the Academy a letter of appreciation with all the signatures of all the villagers. The mayor not only praises Annette’s efforts, but also recommends the Institute for her ordination as an official magician.

Finally, he revealed that the whole village is planning to build a temple of gratitude Annette. Although they may lack both human and material resources, despite their lifetimes, or even generations, they are willing to accomplish this mission, knowing that Annnette has vowed to spend her entire life. in this place.

Now whenever the Mayor mentions Annette in the letter, he always expresses his reverence in words.

Sir Annette.

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