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History – Arena of Valor (AOV) was previously also known as Strike of Kings (Europe), King’s Glory (China), Honor of Kings (China), Penta Storm (South Korea), Legendary Showdown (Taiwan), Liên Quân (Vietnam), Garena Mobile Arena (Indonesia), the Realm of Valor (Thailand) which carries a different name in each of its marketing regions and then adjusts the global market to become Arena of Valor, is an online multiplayer (MOBA) type mobile battle game published by Tencent Games.

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Story Hero : Baldum – The bones are as hard as steel and the muscles are as tough as rocks. He is dashing, golden-hearted and agile, possessing the equivalent power of a god.

All Centaur are born knights, and Baldum is the most impressive. He was a legendary figure from an era full of chaos, not only witnessing the beginning and end of the war between Humans and Afata and the two Dark Invasions, but also never stopped protecting all Moonlight Plains living things with his Cosmic Totem.

The mystical Cosmic Totem, which is known to have witnessed all the great events from the birth of the universe, is actually the Andura Shard, which contains the power of time. Thanks to that, Baldum received eternal life, was not aging or kept away from death despite having spent many decades. However, the Totem’s power only protected Baldum — consequently, it was he who had to keep watching the members of his clan, his followers, none of the world one by one from year to year, so only Baldum was the only Centaur left in Athanor.

For a long time, many believed that Baldum was just an ancient figure shrouded in myth, and even most residents of the Elborne Forest were not sure whether Baldum was alive or not. This lasted until Volkath, the Dark Lord, returned with Lokheim’s troops, which made it possible for everyone to see Baldum’s figure with their own eyes. He turned his back on everyone, but seeing his action breaking through the ranks of Lokheim’s army was enough to boost the enthusiasm of all members of Afata’s army, who lived their lives with the figure of the great knight imprinted in their minds.

“After I buried my last relative, I ran 12 times around the tomb according to our clan’s customs. My ancestors said that by shaking the ground with our feet, we could wake Mother Earth, who would come to pick up her child.”

“During my lifetime, I have attended many funerals — too many, but that’s what made me the most lonely. There were no more clan members running with me, no clan members singing burial songs with me. Only whistles accompanied me. That, and Cosmic Totem in my arm. ”

“That’s when Old Oak brought a gift from Yggdrasil — one segment from its roots. I planted it on my clan’s burial ground, as a reminder of the persistent fight they were doing.”

“Old Oak is indeed skilled. Which starts from the roots, now it becomes the Verno Forest we know.”

After chatting with Baldum after the fight was over, people finally found out about his tragic past. The “Old Oak” he called, in fact, was an Ancient Tree Man that made Verno Forest alive. He not only brought gifts from Yggdrasil, but also requests: Baldum was asked to go to Glacial Wildlands north of Moonlight Plains and guard the Abyssal Fissure near the foot of the sacred Mount Orpheus.

That’s how Baldum spent the last thousands of years — alone, in a remote, deserted and without friends. At one point, he almost forgot that he had been a knight. With memories buried deep, he just sat there, remembering the old days where he and his clan members were running around, laughing, under the sunset. However, shortly after Lokheim showed signs of abnormal activity and the flames of war approaching his homeland, the newly born knight immediately recovered the fighting instincts that had flowed in his blood.

“This forest grows thanks to the soil that is fertilized by the bodies and blood of the members of my clan. Every flower, every tree, is a member of my family. As long as I am alive and breathing, I will not let you destroy your feet!”

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