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Arum Valhein Wallpaper – Download new AOV Wallpaper HD that you can use! Get your favorite Hero Characters! For Smartphones Android, iOS iPhone, and PC.

History – Arena of Valor (AOV) was previously also known as Strike of Kings (Europe), King’s Glory (China), Honor of Kings (China), Penta Storm (South Korea), Legendary Showdown (Taiwan), Liên Quân (Vietnam), Garena Mobile Arena (Indonesia), the Realm of Valor (Thailand) which carries a different name in each of its marketing regions and then adjusts the global market to become Arena of Valor, is an online multiplayer (MOBA) type mobile battle game published by Tencent Games.

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Story Hero : Arum ” Leo, do you think I’m stubborn? ”

Feeling the warmth of the lion boy, Arum finally managed to calm down. Although he did not like the arranged marriage for him, running away from it seemed to only cause a bigger problem for his father. Tired physically and mentally, he finally fell asleep in the midst of the forest, a place he had considered home, on Leo’s side, a friend he trusted wholeheartedly.

Ten years ago, Arum arrived at Tamuq with his father, Varian, who had a job as a soldier. It did not take long for him to receive a promotion, and finally he was a General based on the decision of the Federal Council. However, peace does not last long. The dispute between the Federation and Verno Woods continued to increase and Tamuq, a small town located right on the border, became the ideal location of the two factions to fight.

Arum was basically a wise and understanding individual, and he realized how much pressure his father felt. However, how could he be able to get rid of his love for Verno Woods, where he met and saved Leo and the agreement he made with the spirit of the Beast Lion Clan, just to help his father? Indeed, many parties are unfriendly to Arum because of his unusual past and neutral attitude – after all, lately everyone has been very vigilant. If it wasn’t for the reputation of the Variants, Arum could have been thrown into jail for communicating with the enemy.

The battle is getting closer, and Varian forces Arum to marry Rahms. Arum realized this was for his safety, because the father was not sure he could return from the war of the two races safely and the only way to guard Arum was to marry him off to Rahms, the only noble-blooded scholar at Tamuq. Later, after marrying Rahms, Arum will have all political immunity and can no longer be a target of public ridicule. This certainly guarantees a safer and brighter future for him, even though Rahms is not the best and sinless individual.

However, because of Arum’s escape, the neatly arranged Variant plan fell apart and people began to lose faith in him. They thought that Varian arranged all these plans so that his daughter could escape to Verno Woods. “The shameless traitor!” Shouted the residents who were fed up, and finally decided to throw the Variant into prison, who felt overwhelmed by guilt and tried to find a defense for what he had done.

Even so, with Arum being hit by severe stress. Finally he secretly sneaked, returned to Tamuq and returned home but was unable to meet his father – where there were only soldiers waiting, with cold expressions. Arum can only surrender when he learns that his father has been thrown into prison. He was also willing to be arrested on condition that he was placed in the same cell as his father. They also agreed because after all he was the daughter of a variant, a figure who once had a big influence.

Arum reunited with his father in prison. However, the figure who was once known to be strong and brave, now looks gloomy and weak. Inevitably, Arum’s heart was shattered to see it.

“My child, why are you back? They … they will cut off our heads! ”

“I’m sorry, Father. If it wasn’t for my stubbornness and selfishness, you wouldn’t be in this situation, “sobbed Arum, kneeling before his father and regretting his actions.

“No, this is my fault. Suppose you don’t force you to get married, you won’t … ”

“Daddy, don’t cry! Believe me, I will free you! ”

The strong determination surrounding Arum usually looks graceful. This was the first time he had awakened his strength, the infinite power he had gained from the Beast spirits. His attitude changed dramatically. Out of nowhere, a ghost of wild beast appeared on his side, which emitted an aura of danger and a threatening gaze. The variant was aware of his daughter’s ties to the Woods, but never thought that he was able to control the mystical power that was so strong.

In just a few seconds, all the power of grace from the Beast spirit enveloped Arum, who ordained himself as the new Guardian of the Lions and as a result he was no longer human but part of the Woods. Arum had never tried to arouse his strength, so he was unable to give a reasonable explanation to his father, but a precarious situation forced him to act quickly. He needed strength to free himself from prison, to get rid of all that was blocking him, and to save his beloved father!

“Spirits of all Beasts, the time has come for retaliation!” “

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